Wiley X Goggles: Nerve Black Tactical Impact Goggles R 8051

The Wiley X R-8051 Nerve Black Tactical Eyewear Goggles were designed for working military professionals. This means they're made for roughest, toughest situations and environments. They're made so you can excel at your job, and stay safe while you're doing it.

The black frame and head strap support 2.5 mm Selenite highly impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses. Lens coatings, T-Shell and Foil, give you fog- and scratch-resistance. You'll also get 100% UVA/UVB protection and a distortion-free field of vision.

These almost-pocket-size goggles have a low profile design to give you just the right amount of protective coverage. A symmetrical ventilation system promotes air flow to reduce fogging and condensation. This eye protection meet VO Ballistic impact test MIL-V-43511C - meaning they're durable enough for military use and other tough jobs.

The first goggles designed to fit both male and female faces, the Wiley X R-8051 Nerve Black Tactical Eyewear Goggles include clear and smoke-colored lenses to give you an indoor/outdoor option. Your job may be rough and tough, but at least go gently on your eyes.

ballistic_1(1)   ANSI-HVP  EN.166B   RX(3)