• Pistol spray cu piper RMG-19 PRO
  • Pistol spray cu piper RMG-19 PRO
  • Pistol spray cu piper RMG-19 PRO
  • Pistol spray cu piper RMG-19 PRO
  • Pistol spray cu piper RMG-19 PRO
  • Pistol spray cu piper RMG-19 PRO

Pistol spray cu piper RMG-19 PRO

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  • Pistol spray cu piper RMG-19 PRO
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The RMG-19 PRO gas gun is a RMG pistol replica - manual gas throwers without permission. It fires powerful pepper gas at a distance of up to 4 meters, which allows you to defend yourself in any situation. It is characterized by the latest technical solutions and the highest safety factor. 

The defensive gas fired from this gun incapacitates the attacker at about approx. 20 minutes, without causing any lasting injury. It is a biological pepper gas, typically designed for personal protection. It is also a very effective pepper gas for dogs and persons under the influence of alcohol, as well as drugs.

Especially for this latest generation of the RMG-19 gas gun, the PRO model has been modified to modify the ejection system. The range of pepper gas is as high as 4 meters, which is the best result of this type of products on our market. Thanks to this, it can be effectively defended without being exposed to direct contact with the attacker and without fear of gas reversal due to gusts of wind. One replaceable gas insert is sufficient for approx. 6 gas releases and the validity period of the gas is as long as 3 years. 

The safety of the gun is enhanced by two independent fuses. This ensures that the gun will not be misused by undesirable persons. The RMG-19 Pro handheld gas expeller is made of high-strength, fiberglass-reinforced, high-strength polymers, making it extremely resistant to damage and breakage. 

The weight of the pistol is close to the original, perfectly matched to ensure that the gun rests securely in the hands of the user. In addition, a firm grip is provided by the latest texturing on the handle, allowing stable pistol handling even in wet or frozen hands. The RMG-19 Pro is a replica of one of the most popular pistols in the world. 

The newest version also uses a weaver rail, which allows for the installation of additional accessories, e. g. for the installation of a new one. Laser flashlights or laser sight. 

The gas cartridge magazine is in the gun handle so that it can be easily and quickly replaced. 

Technical data: 
- RMG-19 PRO gas pistol 
- Reach range: 4 m 
- Gas cartridge placed in the magazine compartment in the handle 
- One cartridge lets for approx. 6 uses in the form of a gas cloud 
- Sas validity period: 3 years 
- Pistol weight with magazine and gas container: 438 g 
- Dimensions 175 x 125 mm 

What is the difference between the RMG-19 Pro gas pistol and a normal gas container? 

Unlike an ordinary gas container, the RMG-19 Pro spray gun acts as a deterrent against the aggressor at the same time, making the use of a gun superfluous in many cases. RMG-19 Pro provides the widest possible range of gas discharged. In a stressful situation, the gun enables precise directing of the gas cloud coming out of the barrel towards the attacker. One tank is sufficient for up to 6 effective doses. 

RMG-19 PRO is a replica of one of the most popular pistols in the world. By placing the magazine with the storage tray in the Model Pro handle, the model Pro looks and weighs faithfully and faithfully resembles the original. The storage space on the tray allows the pistol to be loaded in just a few seconds, and the external fuses clearly and legibly indicate whether the pistol is unprotected and ready for use. Pepper gas ALKALOID also works effectively on aggressors under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants. 

A leather holster can be purchased for the RMG-19 Pro gas gun, which can be easily attached to the trouser belt. If you buy braces, we will be able to mount the cable under the armpit so that the gun is worn in a less visible place. 

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