Back to nature Teesar 100L Backpack

Back to nature Teesar 100L Backpack

Back to nature!

After a long break, I finally found the time to be back on the trail and sleep in the countryside. As is often the case, it has once again become later than planned and so it becomes a race with the early darkness.

This time I carry a new Teesar® 100 l backpack. Even with a 20 kg load this backpack offers convenience over a longer period of time. Nevertheless it is good that my camp site is close by. So I can prepare my sleeping place in the remaining daylight.

It's dry and I do not need to put a tarp but can sleep right under the stars. Nevertheless, I packed the tarp, space enough is in the Teesar®.

Not that the rain had disturbed me. The material of the backpack lets a light drizzle repel and for more powerful rain there is an integrated rain cover hidden in the top lid. In torrential rain I would probably not rely on the rain cover, but look for a dry place.

But now there is no trace of torrential summer rain. On the contrary - a few days ago, we had frost and the first snow.

In addition to the large zip opening, the floor and main compartment are separated by an intermediate floor, which can be opened and closed with a drawstring. So you can also access the floor compartment from above through the main compartment.

The material of the bottom compartment is waterproof. Very nice, especially when you put the backpack on the ground. Properly packed the backpack will stand alone.

The main compartment offers another useful feature being one of my purchasing incentives. And this feature is not common to many other backpacks of that specific size: the Teesar® is a front loader. This is very helpful in view of the many pieces of equipment fitting into the main compartment. So I can retrieve items from the bottom of the main compartment without unpacking the whole backpack. The result is order at any time and to have an overview on all my equipment.

The opening of the main compartment is covered by a zippered lid pocket. Zippers are covered. If you open both zippers you may flip it open.

For test purposes I took more load than usual for one night outdoor. This is more like a
2-3-day outback setup. In the main compartment there is a second set of clothing, my toilet bag, a cook set, two MRE's and something for breakfast, a biwi bag, a Bundeswehr folding sleep mat, and finally a wool blanket.

The spacy main compartment has bottom and top drawstring closures leaving an additional compartment under the top lid pocket.

In this additional top compartment directly under the lid I put my tarp, a ground sheet and some cords. So I can set up my sleeping place very quickly without unpacking the whole backpack and exposing the content to foul weather.

From there I have also access to the sleeve for the water bladder. This is another feature I like very much.
There is a passage for the tube plus a clip on the right shoulder strap. So I can drink on the way without removing my backpack.

Apart from the main compartment the backpack has two large, detachable side pockets. According to the manufacturer they hold 10 l each. The side pockets have compartments, too. The larger one has easy access if you open the U-shaped zipper down to the bottom of the compartment. I have placed my 1,2 l stainless steel canteen with mug and a poncho in one of the pouches, and in the other side pouch I packed my inflatable Therma-a-Rest NeoAir. Each side pocket has an additional zippered pouch. That little pouch has a sleeve inside for my Bahco Lappländer.

Teesar® uses a clever eyelet system to fasten or detach the side pockets with the one disadvantage that pockets may come off when you lay the backpack on the ground.

Hidden under the side pockets you will find PALS webbing and two adjustable straps. This way I have additional options to fix pieces of equipment too big to be stowed away in pouches. You may easily fix an axe with the handle in the side pocket of the bottom compartment.

The front pouch offers more PALS webbing to allow for additional easy-access pouches such like First-aid-pouch.

Similar PALS webbing and straps are placed on top of the top lid to allow fixing of jackets, sleeping mats or other equipment.
Closing straps of the top lid are adjustable too. This allows storage of sleep mat under the lid.

Of course I tested how the Teesar® performed with a really heavy load. The external frame got improved compared to its predecessor and easily copes with a 30-kg load.

Additional straps at the padded shoulder straps allow to customize the distance between body and backpack and transfer the load to the body. Shoulder straps offer a quick release feature allowing to drop off the backpack in case of emergency.

The length of the back panel may be individually adjusted with the help of loops and a hook and loop closure strap.

Carrying loads of up to 25 kg this backpack is convenient, and shoulder straps are wide enough and well padded, and the wide and generously padded waist belt spread the load well to the hip.

The waist belt offers a small zippered pocket on the right hand side, a belt loop and small plastic carabiner on the left. The pocket is big enough to hold a handful of muesli bars, a cellphone or wallet, i.e. small things you want to keep within reach without putting off the backpack.

Another useful feature is to be found on the shoulder straps. There are extra loop straps. Especially with heavy loads you may pull them down to take some burden from the back and shoulders. Loops are big enough to grab them with mittens as well.

It did not take long to set up my sleeping place. I spread the ground sheet, inflated the sleep mat and put it into the biwi bag. A folded Bundeswehr sleep mat gives you a good place to sit at. A blanket wrapped around my shoulders provides me warmth. I have a snack and enjoy the stars in the night sky.

While Orion in the East rises slowly above the horizon, I crawl into my sleeping bag and listen to the voices of the night a little bit before I go to sleep.

It is still dark when I wake up. It's warm and comfortable. I wait for the dawn and get up. There is enough time for a quick breakfast. But then I have to hurry and pack my belongings before the cold creeps up my body.
But even cold fingers are not a problem as all the zippers are easy to handle, and I can stow away my equipment into the backpack.

I enjoyed my stay and cannot complain about my equipment.

Although I must admit in all fairness that the Teesar® 100 l is my first backpack of that size, and I cannot compare it to other backpacks of different price classes. Nevertheless, the Teesar® keeps the promises it made and is providing the features it should do:

Early in 2016 I bought the first model of Teesar® 100 l and discovered that the frame was too weak for heavy loads. Significant improvements were made after my first test report.

For all the follow-up tests Sturm Handels GmbH offered me the second model free of charge. In a friendly and constructive discussion I convinced them to accept my proposals for improved adjustability of suspension and optimized tube passage.

I am very happy about this kind of cooperation and look forward to the coming tours with my Teesar® 100 l.

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