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2017-09-07 - IdoSell Shop case study

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Some online selling solutions are not meant for handling rapidly growing sales, sometimes they can even become an obstacle for business development. Radu Butcovan, owner of, online military and outdoor equipment retailer, encountered such a problem. When looking for possible improvements, he heard about IdoSell Shop from one of his suppliers. Satisfied customers are the best marketing tool ever invented.

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Radu Butcovan decided to choose a SaaS-based solution offering advanced tools for international sales, as well as unlimited technical support in English. Our innovative solutions, the highest level of safety, and the best specialists, convinced the owner to migrate to IdoSell Shop.



Interview with owner - Radu Butcovan.

IdoSell Shop: How did you get to know about IdoSell Shop?
Radu Butcovan: Since I am a graphic designer, I was searching for the most creative and professional websites in the Internet. I came across some of your stores and I thought you could be able to implement my ideas, and well - you did. I'm really pleased with my choice.

IdoSell Shop: What was your previous online sales experience?
Radu Butcovan: Online sales constitute a cheaper alternative to traditional stores. This means, you can start quickly and attract future customers with lower prices. We always try to provide our customers with what they need. We are constantly looking for the best products on the market. So far, so good, but we are still improving. Before IdoSell Shop we used PrestaShop and Magento, but we have chosen IdoSell Shop as it has proven to be the most professional solution.



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IdoSell Shop: Would you like to share a bit of your marketing strategy?
Radu Butcovan: Our marketing strategy is based on thorough research of the market. I read forums, news, testimonials, customer reviews, all in order to search for products of the best quality. We invest more time than money into our marketing :) We always search for the best suppliers and give our customers variety, quality, professional help and reasonable prices. I think a satisfied customer is the best marketing strategy. Foreign customers found us thanks to our products, reviews and your well optimized SEO - I think we work well as a team :). We are also active on Facebook, since I think it is currently the best marketing solution for businesses. Due to the type of products we offer, most of our ads are unfortunately not approved on Facebook. We tried to contact them many times, but it did not help. Until they accept our complaints, we will be active on Facebook in our own creative way. :)

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IdoSell Shop: We noticed that your sales levels grow constantly. What is the main reason behind the popularity of your store?
Radu Butcovan: I think both the market niche and modern lifestyle help us in gaining new sales. It is obvious that military equipment has a big influence on fashion, but many people simply buy military clothes, boots and other items because of their quality. Military clothes are tear, rip, water and fire resistant. You can use them everywhere: during airsoft activities, military duties, fishing, hunting, hiking, riding a motorcycle, or just as a part of your urban life. There are no limits when it comes to military stuff.

IdoSell Shop: Please let us know which IdoSell features do you use? Do you recommend certain functionalities to other online shops?
Radu Butcovan: We use the mobile app which is very useful for our customers, the intelligent recommendation system, social media features, the returns module, questions about products, loyalty program. I would recommend all IdoSell Shop features to get the maximum profit - it is hard to pick only some of them. Yet, I think the mobile application is a must-have, since 80% of our customers use it.

IdoSell Shop: Thank you for the interview and we wish you continued success!

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