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Capsula CO2 - 12gr - UMAREXCapsula CO2 - 12gr - UMAREX
3,00 RON4,00 RON99.99PUNCTE
Camasa Germana Albastra 'Navy'Camasa Germana Albastra 'Navy'
38,00 RON50,00 RON1266.54PUNCTE
Emblema politia romana IGPREmblema politia romana IGPR
15,00 RON - 17,00 RON499.95PUNCTE
Tricou polo POLITIA (NEW)Tricou polo POLITIA (NEW)
65,00 RON2166.45PUNCTE
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Tenisi Bordeaux – Double RedTenisi Bordeaux – Double Red
135,00 RON207,00 RON4499.55PUNCTE
Jacheta Fortele Aeriene FrancezeJacheta Fortele Aeriene Franceze
17,00 RON23,00 RON566.61PUNCTE
Curea US 38mm, NegruCurea US 38mm, Negru
19,00 RON25,00 RON633.27PUNCTE
Sapca Quick Dry, NeagraSapca Quick Dry, Neagra
21,00 RON28,00 RON699.93PUNCTE
Sacou folosit 'Navy/Negru' Sacou folosit 'Navy/Negru'
17,00 RON23,00 RON566.61PUNCTE
Curea Swiss Od 80cm Curea Swiss Od 80cm
5,00 RON7,00 RON166.65PUNCTE
Curea USMC Marpat - Surplus MilitarCurea USMC Marpat - Surplus Militar
65,00 RON87,00 RON2166.45PUNCTE
Sapca marinar US NAVY, AlbSapca marinar US NAVY, Alb
20,00 RON26,00 RON666.60PUNCTE
Pantaloni Britanici 'OD'Pantaloni Britanici 'OD'
31,00 RON41,00 RON1033.23PUNCTE
MAGNUM TAIGA 45L - Rucsac - negruMAGNUM TAIGA 45L - Rucsac - negru
121,00 RON161,00 RON4032.93PUNCTE
Manusi Defender fara degete Manusi Defender fara degete
55,00 RON73,00 RON1833.15PUNCTE
Curea pentru casca, ODCurea pentru casca, OD
17,00 RON23,00 RON566.61PUNCTE
Back to nature Teesar 100L Backpack
Back to nature Teesar 100L Backpack

Back to nature!

After a long break, I finally found the time to be back on the trail and sleep in the countryside. As is often the case, it has once again become later than planned and so it becomes a race with the early darkness.

This time I carry a new Teesar® 100 l backpack. Even with a 20 kg load this backpack offers convenience over a longer period of time. Nevertheless it is good that my camp site is close by. So I can prepare my sleeping place in the remaining daylight.

It's dry and I do not need to put a tarp but can sleep right under the stars. Nevertheless, I packed the tarp, space enough is in the Teesar®.

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Double Red Jungle Boots
Double Red Jungle BootsModern camo pattern from new collection in combination with retro red details, compact together. Boots are manufactured from light synthetic textile. Sole is manufactured from high quality PU, is anti-slip and flexible, which brings high comfort for driving. The boots are light and, for perfect comfort, improved with reinforced heel and front. Red DOUBLE RED logo on the upper side face. All year wearing, with laces, without side zip.
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Zeus Plate Carrier - Pentagon
Zeus Plate Carrier - Pentagon

Zeus Plate Carrier,

was designed with an ease of use for everyday wearing. Low profile plate 

carrier for large and small plates, harmonised streamline laser cut molle

design, access strap keepers for a clean tidy streamline look.

Innovated quick release system.

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